For appWash users:

There is no appWash in our laundry room yet. Where do I get this?

Of course we are happy if you want to use appWash as well! Show your landlord or the operator of the laundry room our website, there a product brochure can be downloaded under "appWash operator". Your landlord can contact us at or simply contact his/her Miele partner.

If your laundry room will be equipped with appWash, you will receive an appWash credit of 50 Euro from us. 


How does appWash work?

It's six simple steps:

1.  Download the app "appWash by Miele".

2.  Register in the app.

3.  Top up your prepaid balance in the app.

4.  Select an available machine in the app.

5.  Select the washing or drying programme on the machine.

6.  Put your laundry in the machine and start the machine.

What does appWash cost me?

You will not incur any additional costs due to appWash! The prices for washing and drying are set by the owner of your laundry room, who is often the landlord. There are also no costs for you to top up your prepaid balance.

On which smartphones does appWash work?

appWash can be used on all iOS and Android smartphones. But even if your smartphone doesn't support the app, you can still use appWash from our website at

What can I do if I can't register?

The most common errors occur when entering your phone number and during the text message validation and when entering your e-mail address. Why don't you try it again? If it should not work at all, you can get in touch with us via

How do I get the five-digit number to find my laundry room in the app?

Each machine in your laundry room has a colourful sticker with a number on it. Just enter one of these numbers, which one doesn't matter.

How do I pay at appWash?

Once you have registered with appWash, you can easily top up your prepaid balance. Various cashless payment options (e.g. credit card or PayPal) are available. If you use a washing machine or dryer, the price will be deducted from your prepaid balance.

Is my appWash prepaid balance safe?

Don't you worry. We will take care of that and refund any remaining prepaid balance if you decide to cancel your appWash account.

Can I use several machines at the same time?

Yeah, of course! Simply repeat the booking process.

What do I do if I do not have mobile phone reception in the laundry room?

You can still use appWash! Just book a machine from your kitchen or living room and then go to the laundry room to start the machine.

Why can't I find an available washing machine or dryer via the app?

All the machines are probably occupied at the moment. Only available machines can be booked in the app. Check again if the internet connection works on your smartphone or laptop.

If you think the machines aren't working, contact your landlord or janitor, depending on who is taking care of the laundry room.

Why don't I get a message on my smartphone when the laundry is done?

You probably need to set your smartphone to allow the appWash app to send you notifications. This can be done under "Settings" on your smartphone or in the appWash app.

For appWash operators:

Who can use appWash?

If you operate a laundry room or just individual washing machines and dryers, then you belong to the target group that can use appWash. Whether student dormitory, apartment building or camping site: appWash is the digital solution for washing and drying.

What are the requirements to use appWash?

You can use appWash if you already have a laundry room with Miele commercial machines or are planning to set one up. In the laundry room there should be connections for washing machines and dryers as well as mobile phone reception. An Internet connection or WiFi for the machines is not required.

The users of your laundry room also need a smartphone and the app "appWash by Miele". Alternatively, appWash can also be used via an Internet-enabled computer.

How do I become an appWash customer?

If you are convinced by the appWash proposition, simply contact your local Miele partner or contact us at To equip an existing or new laundry room with appWash, you purchase an appWash connector box for your machines. After you have activated the box online, the users of your laundry room can become appWashers.

By the way, the box is completely maintenance-free. You should not occur any further operational costs.

How do I install the appWash system?

With us you get the complete solution all in one! After purchasing the appWash connector box, a Miele technician or one of our partner technicians will install the box on your premises. After completing the installation, the technician will check whether the system is running correctly.

What are the costs for me as an appWash customer?

In addition to the one-off investment in the appWash connector box and its installation, the appWash PAY service concept also charges a fixed fee per wash and dry cycle, irrespective of the prices you set.

As an appWash-RELAX customer, there are no costs because we take over the equipment and operation of your laundry room.

Who can wash in my appWash laundry room?

You decide who uses your laundry room. In principle, persons to whom you grant access to your laundry room can use appWash there.

Who determines how much a wash or dryer cycle costs?

With the appWash PAY service concept, you as the operator determine how much users pay for a wash or dryer cycle. When we take over the operation of the laundry room as part of the appWash RELAX concept, we set the prices. Our prices are based on regional market conform prices.

How is billing done?

You use appWash PAY? You will then receive a credit note with all tax and accounting details at the end of each month. This credit includes all turnover incurred in the previous month (number of washing and drying transactions multiplied by the respective price) minus the service fee retained by us.

If we take care of the operation of the laundry room (appWash RELAX), you no longer have to worry about billing.

Do all users have to use appWash in my laundry room?

Of course, we would be happy if the entire laundry room could be used via appWash, but we also understand that when switching to appWash, the existing payment system might continue to be used in parallel for a while. How many machines you connect to the appWash system and when is ultimately up to you.

Who should I contact in the event of a problem?

Here, too, the same applies: the all-in-one solution. If you don't already benefit from the appWash RELAX concept, where we take care of the entire operation, Miele or one of our local partners will always be there for you in the event of a problem. If there is anything wrong with the machines or the appWash connector box, report this to the Miele hotline or your Miele partner. If you have any questions about the operator portal or the app, please contact If you have any questions about billing, please contact us at

appWash users can contact us directly via the app.

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